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Deck vs. Porch vs. Patio

Many homeowners tend to use the term deck, porch, and patio interchangeably but all three in fact are quite different projects. Any of them will add a great space to your home, increase curb/yard appeal, as well as add value to your residence. Here are some of the main differences between a porch, deck, and patio.

  • Porches - Porches are used in both the front and the rear of the home. In the front of the home, porches can be wrapped around the house as is the case with farmers porches. In the back of the home porches are typically raised up to either the first or second level of the home. Some porches also have enclosures or roofs. As with decks, porches are made of wood or composite.
  • Decks - Decks are a natural extension of your house. They are typically built as connectors to a back door and are usually raised slightly off the ground so they are above the foundation and level with your door. Decks also have no roof.
  • Patios - A patio is part of your yard. They are not raised as decks and porches are, but have a natural flow with your yard and often extend from your house. Common patio materials are natural stone, gravel, cement, or sand.

The cost for patios, porches, and decks vary quite a bit depending on the size of the project and material of the project. Patios might be lesser expensive than porches and decks since a foundation isn't required and wood, which can get expensive, is not used in patios. In either case, any one of these projects will add a great atmosphere for your home and family.

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