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How to Hire a Mason

A mason is a skilled tradesman specializing in constructing various buildings, walls, or foundations using mortar, brick, stone, concrete, or other building products. Hiring a mason contractor is similar to hiring any other type of contractor. Here is a checklist to follow when considering to hire a mason.

  • Product Options - Can the mason provide advice on which product to use? For example, stone, brick, cobblestone, etc. for your project.
  • Cost - What is the cost to lay each brick, stone, etc? Ask for cost of labor and cost of product.
  • References - Obtain at least 3 references to call to ensure that the quality of the work is high.
  • Warrant - Will the mason provide a warranty or guarantee on their work? If so, what's the length of the warranty and what's covered?
  • Timeframe - How long will the project take and when could the mason start?
  • Cleanup - Make sure that the mason agrees to cleanup the entire area after the job is completed especially considering mason jobs can get very messy.

Always be sure to contact multiple contractors so you get an idea of different pricing options and can choose the best contractor to perform the job!

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