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Tips on Choosing the Right Fence Contractor

Purchasing a fence for your home is a big investment and as with any type of contractor project you want to make sure you do your research and ask the right questions so that you are left with a great finished project and peace of mind. Follow these tips to help you find the right fencing company or contractor.

  • Multiple Quotes - Never contact only one company for a home project. In order to make sure you get the absolute best price always contact at least 2-3 contractors to get multiple quotes for comparison
  • Price - After choosing the right fencing style, ask the contractor for a breakdown of labor cost versus product cost so you know what you are truly paying for
  • Timing - Ask the contractor how long the fencing project will take, when they can start, and when they would finish. Also ask what happens during days with detrimental weather
  • Experience - How long has the company been in business and how many fences of your chosen style have they installed in the past? Years of experience are sometimes worth paying a little more in price
  • Layout of fencing project - The contractor should be able to sketch out or show you a diagram for the dimensions of the fencing project and the surrounding perimeter so you get a feel of how the final project wil look
  • References - Any great contractor will have references readily available. Ask for them and be sure to call the references to get a great sense of the quality of the contractor's work
  • Guarantees - What type of assurance does the contractor provide? Examples include potential fencing issues in the 30 days following the project-- if a piece of the fence looks warped or even will they fix it?

In addition, all contractors should be licensed and insured in your state. Be sure to get any of the agreed upon work in a written contract for record keeping. Performing the right research and asking the appropriate questions ensures confidence in your decision to hire the right contractor.

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